During the course of past week, Close-Out Ceremonies were held in three different locations (Rann, Pulka and Banki) bringing to an end one of our Project that commenced in December 2017

 The project was aimed at strengthening CHAD’s child protection programming in Banki, Pulka and Rann, whilst also building pre-existing community’s social networks through Psycho-social support for adolescents and vulnerable children affected by the conflict.

 The Close-out Ceremonies in different communities were carried out elaborately by the PSS Facilitators, PSS Officer as well as peer educators who were tasked with training their peers on the basic life skills also on ground to express their gratitude for the successful completion of the first phase of the project. There were activities ranging from Traditional dance performances to Recitations from the different peer educators.

 In all, this project although laced with minimal challenges can be considered as hugely successful. The success of this project further strengthens our resolve and gives more credibility to our Mission to help create an enabling environment that promotes the involvement of young people and women in decision making matters that help enhance their development.

 The project was implemented with funding from Nigerian Humanitarian Fund (NHF) and coordinated by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs (OCHA).