Our Ethics

CHAD International is committed to ethical behavior which has formed it’s moral fiber in all of its daily affaires and has demonstrated compliance to all their programs along with corporate values of the host communities and Nigerian legal system.

The bedrock of CHAD’s  programs include well defined written policies and  best  procedures practice, regular capacity building train of employee, regular audit evaluation and monitoring the effectiveness of the compliance plan, a reporting process for complaints and concerns and more.

Our core values

CHAD is committed with high level of integrity to ensure that staff adheres to the core values which states as fellow;

  • Serving humanity in love; as a non-governmental and nonprofit institution, we are committed to selfless service to humanity and especially to the vulnerable ones, the victims of war and disasters.
  • Accountability; as employees of a non-profit organization, accountability to the masses entrusted to us is not negotiable; accountability in the use of resources entrusted to us by our donors, allies, or well-wishers is also not negotiable. We acknowledge our successes as well as our failure; we always crave to do better.
  • Term work; we are highly spirited individual that believe in collaboration or partnership with other organizations. We encourage partnership; communication and mutual understanding to attend to a greater height through all staff. We belief that two good heads are better than one and unity in diversity.
  •  Professionalism; CHAD provides opportunity to an earnest, energetic and talented individual to excel and attain to greater height. We aspire and strive to be a learning organization, basing our strategies on evidence and evaluations for consistence growth.