Centre for Community Health and Development (CHAD) International is a Non-governmental organization who saw the need to Create an enabling environment that promotes the involvement of young people and woman in decision making matters that will enhance their development and that of the society at large.

We (CHAD INT’L) have continued to reaffirm our commitment and mediation to save lives and render humanitarian services to the vulnerable Nigerians mostly in North-east where Non state armed groups (NSAG) have continued to leash out heinous attack against civilians. We are willing and ready to embrace and collaborate with the government, civil society organizations, and humanitarian actors to ensure that the needs of the affected people are met. Our implementation demonstrates our perseverance and commitment in providing the best service to the communities where we work. We remain committed to address the issues of violent, abuse, and gender based related cases meted on this young generation. Equity and justice to all human remains our focus. Hence, the welfare of women and young people is first in our content as we seek for human development.

We also look forward to solidify and take actionable steps to extend our tentacles of humanitarian service to neighboring countries that have been affected by the insurgence and disasters. We have not retreated from our earnest commitment to uphold our core value, mission and vision. We are highly committed to the involvement of women and young people in the decision making process and creating a political and enabling environment where young people can exercise their social and political right. Hence, their involvement in decision making matters that affects their lives remains an indispensable instrument for addressing societal cohesion and the best process of returning any wary society to a permanent peace.

My statement is inconclusive if I don’t appreciate the philanthropist and donors for their assistance, honestly you are the best and we can’t undermine your esteem measures put in place to ensure that the vulnerable societies get back to normalcy. The efforts of our zealous staff who risk their lives for the sake of others are not neglected. Pertinently, without your sacrifice, our services to humanity would have been futile. Many of you have witnessed a live attack and have been a victim in one way or the other, but still remain solid and committed to this service. Indeed, no adequate words of expression for appreciation can equate to your giant efforts and relentless sacrifice you pay on saving the lives of the less privilege, the victims of crisis and those in needy.

Going forward, we continue to reassure our donors of proper utilization of resources entrusted to us for the service of humanity. Joint effort and coordination of service is not negotiable as we remain grateful and ever happy to work and partner with donors and other humanitarian actors. In it all, we are deeply committed in the principles and rational awareness creation on issues involving lifesaving, governance and education. Serving humanity with zeal and love gives us more pleasure as it is significant in our daily work.  

Peace as we serve humanity in love.