CHAD works in treasonous with new or already established community stakeholders, religious leaders, governments and NGO’s to enable them effect a positive result which they crave for.

CHAD uses well designed, field-proven approaches that produce results that have attracted a high quality measure of output with the resources in their disposal. CHAD’s secret is nothing than the use of skilled, selfless and committed individual’s. Competency enough their technical experts are scattered across the project sites offices. Still operating within Nigeria humanitarian scene, CHAD has a full-time staff in six (6) states within the federation.  

 When conducting a survey for vacancies, CHAD seeks individuals with high degrees of integrity and dependability, a self-motivated person who shares love for our jobs, a technical expertise, a pacesetter with goal oriented, an experienced and a team spirited individual. This serves as our core requirement. If this fits you, then consider joining in our endeavors and success.

CHAD’s staff is committed to a vibrant and diverse workforce. Our field staff speaks the Nigeria lingual franca (English language) as well the native languages of the host communities of our various project sites or locations. In the Northeast Nigeria where we are currently responding to humanitarian crises, we use our staff who understands the native language. Northeast consist of different tribes and different languages.

It is pertinent to know that CHAD prioritizes the welfare of their staff above every other thing, as well invest heavily in the professional development of its employee. They offer an awesome salary and handsome rewards.