Malaria is a life threatening mosquito-borne blood disease. It has been one of the greatest health challenges facing the world. The region of West Africa is not left beside by the disease. Anopheles mosquito transmits this ugly sickness into human cell. In Nigeria, over 52 million malaria cases are being recorded annually. This has increased the mortality rate and a great reduction to the Nigeria population.

In North- east Nigeria, data collected reviews that about 75% of the deaths are being caused by this ugly disease. Despite the ongoing insurgence that bedeviled the states in the region, CHAD INTL on our usual response to save life and issues related to health matters, ventured into educating the masses on the preventive measure of malaria disease. This was accompanied by workshop involving malaria stakeholders on the thematic and pragmatic way of reducing malaria mortality rate to the barest minimum.

In the light of the ongoing malaria project in Gombe state, CHAD INTL ensured that all families including pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and physically challenged people were interviewed for adequate data collection.

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