COVID-19 pandemic: The global and national response situation”

The world is in a state of panic resulting from the pandemic of corona-virus. Over 1.7 million infections are confirmed in at least 184 countries across the globe including more than 110,000 deaths recorded resulting from the COVID-19. Emphatically, the first case of Corona-virus was reported in Nigeria on 27th February 2020, according to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). At the time of issuing this press release, the incidence has been recorded in 20 states including the Federal Capital Territory with 318 cases confirmed, 70 persons discharged after recovery and 10 Persons dead. Sadly, there is no vaccine for the treatment or prevention of Corona-virus disease rather only preventive strategies.

As Corona-virus invade our world today, Millions of rural dwellers including those living in IDP Camps and other refugees camps are either unaware or ill-informed about COVID -19 and effective prevention methods. This constraint must be addressed to increase the chances of defeating the spread of the virus.

According to the United Nations, Human Settlements (UN-Habitat) stated that “about 80 million Nigerians, representing 79 per cent of the population are living in slums” live in informal settlements with squalid hospitals and clinics. If preventive measures are not speedily put in place, these communities will be adversely affected by COVID -19.

In an advance measure to combat the spread of this virus across the BAY (Borno, Adamawa and Yobe) States, all public schools are shut down and numbers of congregants in religious centres, as well as the numbers of passengers on local public transport, have been reduced to enact the social distancing measures. Some civil servants were asked to work from home; all the entrances and exits are barricaded in some States including Borno State. The government also set up a Task Force on COVID-19  to monitor the situation, to report any incidence and provide safety measures where necessary. Hospitals were menially upgraded as a preparedness measure to serve as isolation centres. Radio jingles are played regularly to enlighten the masses on preventive measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Toll-free hot lines and vehicles are in place for easy communication and quick evacuation of a suspitious case of COVID-19 to the isolation centre.

To complement the concerted efforts of the government in the fight against COVID-19, CHAD Int’l implementing projects in north-east Nigeria, particularly Borno State has embarked on massive campaign starting with awareness raising, sensitization and distribution of hygiene kits to those living in IDP camps and host communities. The Key awareness-raising messages centres on what is Coronavirus, how to protect yourself and your families and the ways to access medical help.

In Gombe State where CHAD head office is situated: having no incidence of COVID 19 just yet; CHAD in a bid to prevent the spread delivered soaps, sanitizers, facemasks, handwashing buckets to the rural communities and Almajiri house in Yelenguruza including certain government agencies which are; National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), Ministry of Women Affairs, Nigeria Security and Civil Defense (NSCD) headquarter office, Gombe State Agency for the Control of Aids (GOMSACA), Gombe state police division (division 1 and 2), Civil Defense metropolitan office, Federal  Fire Service office.

As we face this global pandemic, we must use the power of solidarity to transform the world and to support the fight against the spread of Corona-virus to the already conflict-affected people in Nigeria. This is the time to do the needful for the sake of humanity.

A visit to Civil Defense Office, Gombe state

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