In a participatory and responsible society, structural inequalities that are pending children with disability to have access to education and social services should be removed. Children with disabilities are often neglected hence; they lack moral opportunity to express their feelings as they are not or partially incorporated in the social structure of the society.  To address this unequal relation, equity and social integration should be given to children with disability just like other children.

Humanity and Inclusion:

CHAD’s education in emergency intervention in northeast Nigeria has brought new down to Fatima a 12 years old girl who wish to be in school but never had the opportunity till the day the was finally picked by CHAD education facilitators in her house at Dala in Maiduguri, Borno state.  She was registered in school and equipped with writing materials and other items. During CHAD’s performances survey from beneficiaries, Fatima was very happy for having changed her life and gave her the sense of belonging just like others as she said,

“I never know that I will be in school like others due to my health challenge, but today CHAD brought me here. I always like other people around me whenever they speak English language but I can’t speak nor reply them. Help me and thank God and CHAD Intl. for restoring my hope. Now I can understand, speak a little and write too.”