My name would not be lost: A story of Abba Musa

Months have passed and we have so much to tell you. The current crises in northeast Nigeria has led to the death of many people. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not left behind during an attack by the insurgents. Children are always at the receiving side of being an active victim.

Here is Abba who was picked in Rann, Kalebelge LGA, Borno state. Abba, a 7 days old boy was picked after an attack in Rann by the NSAG. His mother was slaughtered by the armed group leaving the 7 days old boy motherless.  The father is assumed to be abducted by the insurgents since he was no way to be found or his corpse till date. The corpse of Abba’s Mother was picked near their hot.  The person who saw the woman last narrated that Abba’s mother went to fetch water and couldn’t come back to her tent as the first gun shot was coming from the place where people used to get water. The insurgents over ran the whole village and dislodged the security agencies in the area.

Doing the needful, CHAD’s FTR term picked the little Abba and kept him in a trained foster  care home where he was been taking care of for 4 months. After a successful tracing of the family links, the grandmother was found in IDP camp at a nearby LGA where she is taking refuge. The woman was over overwhelmed seeing her grandchild alive. She narrated;
 “I was told that my daughter delivered, I was planning to visit her and her husband just a day before I heard that they attacked there area. Since after the attack no body have ever agree to tell me the way about of my daughter and her family even when I later went there by myself.  That was when I knew that something is wrong. Though the Bulama (village head) of the area finally told me how the incident happened before I left.”
She continued “Thanks very much for saving this little child for me; this is what I will use in remembering my daughter and her family
”.  CHAD supported the child with dignitary kits containing Food items and none food items to the grandmother. Constant follow-up visit is already assured as we care for the best welfare of the child and that of every other child under our care.