Hell at home: a story of Amina who was married at the age of 12 years.

Amina got married at the age of 12. She and her family were living in Darajuma community. She was molested by her said husband who later divorced her after some year. Hear Amina’s story

“I never knew I will be free in life. I got married5years ago, before then I lost my mum. I was not going to school because no school is close to our village and my father was also not willing to train me. Those who want to go to school have to leave our village to another community. Moreover, a child who attends school is regarded as lazy one because he refused to go to farm or to take care of the cattle. One can only attend Islamiyah.

One evening as I was coming back from fetching firewood with other children, I saw Bukar and his father in our compound. They were living very close to our house before insurgence ravaged our community. On my arrival, my fatter called me and told me that Bukar is now my husband that I will soon pack to his house. After some months, they organized Marriage ceremony which finally took me to his house. This is how my ambition of going to school or learning skill was terminated. That was when I remembered my mum because if my mother were to be alive, she wouldn’t have allowed me to live her house so soon at my age.

The first month of the marriage was ceremonial to Bukar and his family while I was dying in silent. I never enjoy the house for ones as he sleeps with me at will, to me it’s a rape and anytime I refused he will start biting me and will refuse to give me food throughout the day despite that I am breast feeding a baby. Whenever I complain to the family, they will tell me that it’s my fault that I should love my husband. It appears to be that my world has come to end. When I gave birth to a child, there was a little relief as his character changed. Few months later, we hard an issue again which finally led to divorce and was supported by his parents. I cried internally thinking that suicide will be the best option but who will be taking care of my baby.

She continued “I never wish any one to pass through this hell, every day of my life was a day of agony. Thanks to CHAD Int’l for coming to my aid. I wish they can locate many others living in a wicked home just like me before. They are dying in pains and sorrow on daily bases.”

Amina and her child  benefited from CHAD case management activities and  was supported with food items and non-food items, she was also enrolled to CHAD Int’l structured psychosocial activities which will enable her to forget her past experiences as she was also referred for medical treatment of injuries obtained from marital rape. The father has been enlightened on positive parenting while regular follow up is assured by CHAD’s staff. Her safety and that of her baby and safety of other vulnerable children is our utmost concern.