CHAD Int’l is the best; a testimony of Bamai living in CHAD Int’l foster parent home

Here is Bamai, 17 years old boy and an unaccompanied child. He is also physically challenged. About 4 Years ago, Bumai was rescued by security operatives from his home town [sabon gari, bale] and was first reposed under the care of vigilante group. They were confined in one small and congested room and barely feed once or twice a day with other people, according to the child (Bamai). Being a disable child, he was virtually hopeless and thought that world has come to an end. He said

 “I was thinking that my life has come to an end, no food, no help, no parents nor relatives. I can’t even see anyone I knew from my village here in camp, where will I start again in life? I wish I was killed by those boys at least this suffering would have ended. Now even the sound of their gun nearly destroyed by ear.”

  He continued “Allamdulahi that today I am alive, I have a caregiver, food, clothes, shelter and to crown it all, I have completed my primary school education by CHAD INT’L unprecedented support. When  they met me, they took me to a place where I am being cared for like my family, I was registered to PSS activities where they made me to forget my past stories, I don’t think I have problem again. Honestly CHAD Int’l is the best.   May God bless CHAD for transforming my life” said the child in tears of joy.