18+ years of Responding to humanitarian crises and promoting positive change in Nigeria

CHAD has implemented multiple projects in Nigeria and has actively be responding to humanitarian crises that bedeviled Nigerians for decades now. Since the formation of the organization in 2002, CHAD have implemented various live saving interventions  in sectors such as child protection, GBV, education in emergency program, governance, and civic rights. CHAD has being carrying out core activities such as case management, family tracing and reunification (FTR), alternative care placement, psychosocial support (PSS), awareness  raising in prevalent humanitarian matters, strengthening community based networks, service provision and supports, as well as sensitization.

CHAD’s knowledge of the context and the local  terrain has catalyzed partnership with different reputable organizations .CHAD’s wealth of experience in program design and implementation has led to sustained engagement with communities, partners in public and humanitarian sectors and has further resulted to steady achievement of target deliverable.

It’s pertinent to to know that CHAD has touched over millions of lives who are in need of humanitarian aid.

A huge thanks to our philanthropist and donors for keeping CHAD alive and putting smile on the faces of vulnerable individuals.

CHAD’s Executive Director