CHAD/ACOMIN-Global Fund Project

Brief Descriptions

Global Fund is currently running a grant for Malaria for a three-year period; 2018-2020. The Grant is being implemented through a Consortium that is led by the Catholic Relief Services and ACOMIN (Civil Society for Malaria Control, Immunization and Nutrition). This has been engaged for the purpose of implementing the CSO and community component and in this regard will coordinate efforts of Community Based Organizations on insight, advocacy and accountability at the community, LGA and State levels.

Objectives of the intervention

  • To conduct strategic activities to hold communities PHC Centers, LGAs and all relevant stakeholders accountable for service provision and results.
  • To engage in sustained, measurable advocacy efforts for improved state and LGA support for malaria intervention.
  • To improve the coordination of CSOs and Community Structures for informed inputs into malaria interventions

CHAD’s role on the project

CHAD Int’l which is the one of the CBOs engaged for this implementation is working in 5 wards of Dukku LGA of Gombe state. The Wards includes; Waziri south, Gombe Abba, Hashidu, Jamare and Zange. However, CHAD has carried out activities in the four health centers in Waziri South ward of the LGA.

Key Project activities being implemented at community levels by CHAD Int’l are;

  • Formation of community Accountability Team (CAT) which is made up of a CBO Staff, Ward Health Development Committee Member and Community representative.
  • Identifying and creating of linkages with health facilities in selected LGA to facilitate effective work relationships.
  • Conduct Client Exit Interviews periodically at the health facilities to elicit clients, opinions on availability and quality of service provision.
  • Conduct Focus Group Discussions (FGD) at selected communities periodically to discuss project achievements, services provision or quality challenges/bottlenecks and ways of addressing them.
  • Conduct key informant interviews to solicit relevant information from key stakeholders to help improve malaria intervention in the communities.
  • Conduct advocacy at the facilities, communities and LGA levels to resolve issues at the health facilities and provide immediate feedback on how to resolve issues using standardized reporting template.
  • Ensure project sustainability and impact through involvement of relevant community actors.

Current recorded success

The ongoing project has recorded numerous successes. The health centers in Waziri ward have commended CHAD on their efforts towards malaria prevention campaign. Since the beginning of the project, the numbers of malaria patients has reduced almost to non-patient in every three weeks unlike before. CHAD Int’l has been able to ensure that those drugs that were previously unavailable/ in short supply due to improper documentation by the facility staff are currently available and accessible by the community members.  CHAD has been able to sensitize and educate the people on the proper uses of various malaria drugs, and other malaria preventive measures. Through  advocacy strategies on the  ongoing malaria project in Gombe state, CHAD INTL ensured that all families including pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and physically challenged people receives adequate treatment, anti-malaria drugs and treated mosquito net.