CHAD/Global Fund HIV Project


Project title: Global Fund HIV New Funding Model Extension in Anambra and Imo State

Project Duration: October 2018 – June 2019.

Project Coverage: Anambra and Imo State

Brief Description

According to the Integrated Biological Behavioral Surveillance Survey (IBBSS) 2014, Key populations (KPs) contribute significantly to the National HIV epidemic. The 2009 study on the mode of transmission of HIV in Nigeria (MOT) reported that three key population groups – People who inject drugs (PWID), female sex workers (FSW), and men who have sex with men (MSM) – constitute about 1% of the adult population in Nigeria but contribute almost 23% of new HIV infections. Together with their sexual partners, these three key population components contribute 32% of new infections although they constitute about 3-4% of the adult vulnerable population. The IBBSS reported an overall prevalence of 9.5% for a group of seven key and vulnerable populations in Nigeria in 2014- MSM, PWID, brothel based FWSS (BBFWSS), non-brothel based FWSS (NBBFSS), transport workers, Armed and police forces, MSM (22.9%), BBFSS (9.4%), NBBFSS (8.6%), and PWID (3.4%) had HIV prevalence higher than that recorded in the general population.

Statistics like this above birthed HIV/AID Intervention in Nigeria targeted at the KPs. The Global Fund New Funding Model for HIV (GF NFM HIV) is one of those interventions. The first phase of the GF NFM HIV was implemented from July 2015 to December, 2017.  A lot of feats were achieved in FSW, MSM and PWID component of the intervention. As the project met and outshot targets on most key project deliverables.  Also coming out strong from the intervention was that even with the giant strides made in two and half years, more than 70% of the KPs are yet to be reached with social behavioral change communication, HIV testing services, STI screening and ARTs hence, an extension of the intervention became pertinent.


At the inception of the project CHAD was given a target of 1500 MSMs to be reached with MPPI, Anambra (617) and Imo (925) we ended up surpassing the target as shown below in the graph Anambra 733 as against 617, Imo 934 as against 925.

CHAD was given the target of 1,386 MSMs to be tested, Anambra (555) Imo (831) and 111 Reactive Anambra 44, Imo 67, Linkage to care 100 Anambra 40, Imo 66. The target was all surpassed. For the Number tested; Anambra 940 as against 555, Imo 1010 as against 831. Reactive Anambra 93 as against 44, Imo 171 as against 67. Linkages to care Anambra 89 as against 40, Imo 151 as against 60.

Twelve clients referred in the month of November have achieved viral suppression.
Support group members now serve as ambassadors in linking difficult cases to care.
1542 peers enrolled into behavioral program in Anambra and Imo state, as attained behavioral change.
An MSM who was on ART from childhood but was unaware of his HIV status found out his HIV status through this project and has so far formed the foundation of support for other MSM living with HIV.