PSS/PFA/MPSS/ Sub-sector

CHAD International is an active member of PSS, PFA and MHPSS Working Group of Borno state chapter. The sector is being chaired by International Organization for Immigration (IOM). The Working Group is a sub-sector of both the Protection (psychosocial support/PFA) and Health (clinical mental health) Sectors. Activities are guided by and organized using the IASC Intervention Pyramid. MHPSS actors give a reserve specialized supportive services which provide clinical mental health treatment to the crises victims. The subsector is aim to ensure strong coordination and referral pathways are in place and secured through prepared services delivery.

The PSS, PFA, MHPSS actors will continue to support traumatized and other vulnerable children and their caregivers in Northeast Nigeria and Borno state in particular to insure that they regain their mental normalcy. The approach includes; specialized services, preventive strategies, comprehensive interventions and efficient referrals. Integration will occur through the support of CBOs