What We Do

CHAD is implementing multiple projects and strictly on humanitarian matters as a nonprofit organization. Over a decade of our humanitarian operation, CHAD have implemented various live saving interventions  in sectors such as child protection, Gender Based Violence(GBV), education in emergency program, governance/civic rights, health, WASH and women empowerment.

In child protection sector, CHAD has being carrying out core activities such as case management including case managing the GBV survivors, family tracing and reunification (FTR), alternative care placement, psychosocial support (PSS),Mental Health and Psychosocial Support(MPSS),Psychosocial First Aid(PFA), awareness  raising in prevalent humanitarian matters, strengthening community based networks, service provision and supports, as well as sensitization.

CHAD collaborates with other NNGOs, INGOs and government to promote education with the ultimate goal to promote good leadership as to enhance professional development in the society. CHAD’s educational program in Nigeria is a process; from childhood to adulthood for those in formal learning settings. It is designed to improve teaching and learning, increasing family involvement, facilitates learning in both formal and informal education centers, extending opportunities of education for children and youth with physical disabilities and cultivating their careers in their various field of life.

We are advocate of democracy and good governance. CHAD promotes community involvement, equal participation, equal opportunities, inculcation of leadership skill, promotion of fundamental human rights and restoration of hope for the less privileged one mostly the survivors of war or crises. CHAD is always willing to work with the government, NNGOs, and INGOs to promote good leadership and as well to enhance smooth transitional government. CHAD is committed to promote and restore a waring community into a permanent peace.

On water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), CHAD Supports hosting communities to earn good water and enhance adequate hygiene. We work with water maintenance agencies to ensure quality water supply. CHAD set up support groups from among the community members to identify malnourished children, make referral, follow up and report.

We care for the Health of everyone around the world. We do this through community system strengthening, mobilization of people to access HIV/AIDS, STD /Malaria prevention, treatment, care and support services. We work with MSMs and other key populations (KPs) we enlighten women and adolescent girls on their reproductive rights and health.

CHAD is an advocate of gender equality. Empower women economically through various means. Our economic empowerment is geared towards enhancing their ability to enjoy their economic rights as well to control and benefit from resources, assets, income, and time. Their capacities are built by riving their ability to manage risk and improve their economic status. We enlighten them about life skill acquisition, income generating skill acquisition, as well as transfer.