In a participatory and responsible democracy, collective decision making is jointly implemented by citizens and the government of a country who have the power to decide on the policy proposal and implementation. On this regard, the leaders entrusted with power must be accountable to the masses while the institution must also be accessible by the citizens. The masses and civil society organizations need the knowledge, skills and capacity to effectively engage with their government institutions that were entrusted with the power to manage the resources in order to secure and provide the needs of the citizens. In mediation, CHAD works with government agencies; assisting them in effectively responding to the diverse and often conflicting demands of civil society, this is also geared to promote engagement, foster reintegration, prevent marginalization and amplify the voice of the marginalized ones through dialogue and advocacy engagement towards making governments more accountable to the populace.

CHAD is committed to build the capacity of the civil society organizations and community members through community participation and mobilization. CHAD engages the civil society organization and the community on democratic way of effecting transitional government through voter’s education.  The masses will be enlightened on the core importance of voting for credible leaders of their choice irrespective of any form of inducement by the politicians. We prioritize democratic political process above every other option for a successful government.

CHAD’S approach to transformational governance aims to rebuild trust among actors in a governing system. Beyond improving service delivery, CHAD assists to create relationships and readjusts the obligations between the governments and civil society with the ultimate aim of supporting societies to regain their resilience, promote a good democratic society and improve a sustainable infrastructural and human development. CHAD’s strategy uses a community-based approach to improve coordination and communication at all governing levels. Despite our limited experience as a national organization that is helping civil society organizations to become more effective advocates, especially those whose voices are frequently silent in public discourse: the youths, women and other vulnerable populations. CHAD has developed approaches of working at the community levels to address issues facing at-risk young men and women ,such as  using the youth for political thugs, arm conflict or violence, enlisting them into non state arm group( NSAG), exposing them into drug trafficking and abuse and among other social vices. More recently CHAD has advanced a systematic ways that brings community and local government together. This was demonstrated by constantly enlightening the civil society on their duties or responsibilities as a citizen and that of the government. The civic rights of the citizens and the obligations of the governments shouldn’t be conflicted.

We collaborate with the civil societies, government and non-governmental bodies to plan on the smooth transitional and responsible government that will be accountable for the masses. This is done through democratic processes where citizens are given equal right and equal opportunity to elect their leader. This was demonstrated during 2019 Nigeria general election.  The project covered two states that are severely devastated by terrorist group in northeast Nigeria. The project was targeted to ensure that the interest and full participation of the IDPs in the two selected states are covered.

Simultaneously, CHAD has built the capacities of the community member which will enable them to take charge and partake in decision making over their lives. This will increase their financial and institutional capabilities. Through training and grant assistance in areas such as agriculture, public advocacy, skill acquisition, rule of law and human rights, CHAD has helped innumerable community members mostly the vulnerable ones to become vibrant, sustainable forces of change within their communities. Nevertheless, CHAD is committed to ensure that the masses regain their resilience as they equip them with the necessary good knowledge of leadership that will better their lives as they make a policy that enhances and holds a responsible government.