For CHAD International, improving the health of the women, men and children is core to our mission. Good health is evidence of living as it provides the foundation for community and economic development. Despite the complexity and dimensional nature of health, we seek to understand what people need to be healthy and to generate the evidence needed to address their health challenges.

We care for the Health of everyone around the world, we do this through community system strengthening, mobilization of people to access HIV/AIDS, STD /Malaria prevention, treatment and Care and support services. We work with MSMs and other key populations (KPs) we enlighten women and adolescent girls on their reproductive rights and health.

In Southeastern Nigeria, we recently worked with Society for Family Health Funded by Global Fund to raise awareness, increase the conversation and communication around HIV/AIDS and improve access to treatment and education about prevention among the community, including those who identify as MSM and KPs. 

Our health strategies

CHAD International is working in alliance with civil society organization’s and governments to improve and expand sexual health services that respond to the needs of the people. This includes training service providers, distribution of sexual protective materials such as condom, increasing awareness of services among young people on health related issues, reaching young people with information on their sexual and reproductive health and rights

We work with parents, caregivers and the community to support an enabling environment for young people to realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights. This includes encouraging dialogue and supporting families and communities to provide positive guidance to young people about their sexual and reproductive health and rights, including accessing services.

CHAD listens to children, men, women, adolescent boys and girls and works with them to tailor youth-friendly health services to the local context. We provide comprehensive sexuality education to young people, in and out of schools, to help build their knowledge, skills, and confidence, including to access services.